• Botanic Illustration,  Watercolor Paintings

    Watercolor flowers for Oya NGO

    It was a nice collaboration with Oya organisation  https://oyatees.org/oya-tees-2 “Our project is one where we want to protect of loving earth, and in doing so the plants that live and breathe on it. This is what OYA is all about.Our project is to find ways to make the public aware of these needs. Hence, we are trying to create wearable art where we have artists from around the globe desig7interpret specific flowers that need preservating and where we ensure conservation for the next generation” So, I created a set of illustrations of preserved plants that will be used for clothes as prints. 

  • Botanic Illustration

    Illustrations for Mama Terra cafe

    In the centre of Tbilisi on the corner of Machabeli street, there is a small and cozy cafe called ‘Mama Terra’. One of October’s warm day we met with Carolina (the owner) to discuss possible cooperation. And came up with the idea to create some illustrations for the wall along with the promo postcards. Illustrations are the part of the cafe decor right now. And also were used for the promo cards (see below). The result you can see below. It’s 9 watercolour illustrations:  And 4 postcards illustrating different cuisine’s flavours:

  • Botanic Illustration,  Watercolor Paintings

    Botanic Illustrations

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